Building Dementia-Friendly Public Libraries: Theoretical and Practical Implications

The purpose of this project is to look into the theoretical and practical implications for building dementia-friendly public libraries as cultural institutions where Alzheimer’s disease patients (AD) (the most common type of dementia) feel welcome and included. The planned professional and scientific activities will include researchers, but also students, local cultural institutions and organisations of civil society. The project attempts to respond to one of the more significant challenges of contemporary Croatian society: raise the life quality of Alzheimer’s disease patients. AD is incurable, neurodegenerative disease which was singled out as the world health priority by the World Health Organisation due to its pandemic nature and social, health and financial effect on the society in general.

The project aims at the efficient transfer of knowledge through the inclusion of all interested stakeholders (from and outside the academic community) and the application of the acquired new knowledge in solving socially recognized challenges.

Project activities (scientific and professional) include two thematic areas:

  • education and raising awareness of the professional public (librarians and future librarians – students of information sciences) about AD, and
  • inclusion of the AD patients in the social life of the community through tailoring the library services to their needs and interests as well as the creation of AD patients’ adjusted reading materials.

It is expected that the proposed project will contribute to understanding of this complex problem on theoretical level. However, thanks to the specific cooperation plans with interested experts and community, based on scientific foundations acquired within the planned research, this project will also contribute to the raising of the quality of everyday life of this vulnerable group.

Project is funded by Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at University of Osijek, Croatia.

Partners: Croatian Association for Alzheimer Disease (HUAB), Memoria Osijek, Library Association of Slavonia, Baranya and Srijem, Simmons University, Clinical Hospital Centre Osijek, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Dental Medicine and Health, Faculty of Medicine Osijek,

Duration: 2021-2024

If you would like to learn more about the project please contact Sanjica Faletar Tanacković (project PI).